Meet our Artists

Artwork Studio represents a wide range of Tasmanian artists that work across a variety of different mediums.

Kay Carney

Kay Carney has worked in the creative arts field for most of her life.

Kay is a photographer, graphic designer and visual artist that uses her skills across a variety of mediums.

Chris Eaton

Inspired by the beauty, vibrance and luminance of glass, artisan Chris Eaton began her career as a glass artist after a journey back to her home state of Tasmania.

Helen Jessup

Helen's work features subjects representing some of her favourite places in Tasmania. Helen's focus is Wild Tasmania, featuring both landforms and the effects of our dynamic climate. Helen generally paints in oils, using both stretched canvas and paper, however she does use water colour acrylics and gouache.

Susan Kenny

Susan's artist drive has recently been rekindled, embracing portraiture, still life, buildings and architecture.

Jewels McCrum

Jewels McCrum enjoys the vibrancy that watercolours can give when used with restraint. Sometimes it's what you leave out of a painting that makes the end result so pleasing, and although working in watercolours can be unforgiving, when the painting Gods are on your side - the results can be truely beautiful.

Janne Mooney

Janne Mooney has a Fine Arts degree majoring in ceramics. Janne has completed many courses over her career in the creative arts field and would ideally love to create and teach a course using art as therapy.

Helen Spaulding

After years of running her own business and raising a family Helen has only recently had the time to devote to art, and being involved in an encouraging art group is a fundamental part of Helen's progress.

Ruth Turnbull

Ruth's passion is painting flowers yet she dabbles in the occasional abstract and paints mostly in acrylics.

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