I have been many things over my lifetime - but everything I have ever loved has been connected to art in some way.

Creating art is my escape, I literally lose hours of time in another realm whether it be painting, photography, printmaking, working with textiles or even digital art and graphics.

By day I make my living in the ever-changing digital world. I am a professional photographer, website creator, graphic designer and writer. I love working with all these mediums and my work is vast and varied. 

Painting is something I have recently returned to. I have always drawn, painted and created. My mother painted and my father was a great wordsmith.

My brothers and I had a blessed childhood, although my parents were very working class we were always surrounded by art and music, and encouraged to develop these talents and tendencies.  We now all work and play within the arts; a very nourishing place to be.

I try to paint most days, enjoying the serenity and calmness that this medium allows me. Now my large family is grown I now have time to devote to this exciting and rewarding medium. Returning to painting has almost become a form of therapy where I can lose myself and meditate and emerge refreshed from my studio ready to face anything.

I paint from my own photographs, which allows me to see the subject from many angles.

I like to portray my subject as realistically as I can, while also developing deeper and richer colours with a three dimensional feel to my work.

I am experimenting with the freedom of abstract painting – it’s daunting – but fun.