Susan's interest in art began at school where she was fortunate to learn a little about the history of art and classes including ceramics, woodwork, lino cuts, printing and painting.


She started a Fine Arts Course in Burnie, however moving around the state and raising a young family meant the course could not be completed and her desire to paint was put on hold.


In latter years Susan has attended a number of Adult Education classes for both painting and drawing.  The most significant and recent of these was tutored by Deny Christian who taught classical drawing with emphasis on the human form, perspective, shape and tone.


Her artistic drive has been rekindled.  Susan likens it to a journey and is embracing portraits, still life, buildings and architecture, in fact almost anything that takes her eye.


She is a member of an art group where they collectively believe that art should be as enjoyable for the artist as well as the audience.  Let fun and companionship be the catalyst for creativity to flow.

Margaret Olley by Susan Kenny
Irises, after Van Gough
Lemons #2 by Susan Kenny
Olives by Susan Kenny
Cornflowers by Susan Kenny
Lemons #2 Susan Kenny