Recently I completed a 6 day workshop with Australian artist, Jacqueline Coates. It was great fun and I learnt how to paint and see flowers. I learnt how to enjoy painting for a sense of self-development. I am interested in how painting flowers can create a sense of wellbeing and contentment. Creating a painting gives me a sense of peace and enjoyment. I don't aim to paint a flower perfectly, I am more of an abstract painter and am more interested in colour and how colour affects or creates atmosphere.

My favourite artists are Australian artists such as Grace Cossington Smith, Margaret Olley and Margaret Preston. I love Grace's use of colour, heavily influenced by Cezanne and Van Gough. Margaret Preston prints have a wonderful resemblance influence of Japanese and Chinese art.

Flower art has made a resurgence of late and we now have many remarkable modern contemporary botanical artists, which I am inspired by.

Eye to Eye by Janne Mooney
Eggs by Janne Mooney
Sardines by Janne Mooney
Firecracker by Janne Mooney
Oysters by Janne Mooney
Eggs in Nest by Janne Mooney
Tulips by Janne Mooney
Lilies by Janne Mooney