Chris Eaton began working with glass ten years ago after a visit to her home state of Tasmania, here she had the opportunity to work with world renowned glass artist Jan Ridgen-Clay. 

Lamp working glass is an ancient technique that dates back to the first century. The process of creating lamp work glass has changed little throughout time; lamp working uses heat to melt rods and tubes of coloured glass around a metal mandrel (rod). The extreme heat of the torch melts the glass rods into an almost toffee like state where it is then moulded and shaped into colourful beads. The beads are then kiln fired to harden the glass for durability.

Each piece of glass is individually melted and handcrafted by the artist; creating the unique and intricate designs you seen Chris' work.

Chris was enticed and inspired by the beauty, vibrance and luminance of working with glass.

Chris is continually honing her skills as a glass artist and still sees lamp working glass as a kind of magic where coloured glass is melted in a mesmerising flame to create beautiful glass jewels.