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Seven Mile Beach Art Group:

Quirky, Fun and Food for the Soul

by Craig Wellington

Our art group made the third edition of Tasmania Plus. A story about one of our founding members, Janne Mooney and her idea of using art as therapy. 

All of us in our group have been through personal hardships along with the normal ups and downs of life, however our group has discovered that art can build resilience - along with good friends to help you laugh and enjoy just creating in a welcoming environment.


Quirky, Fun and Food for the Soul

by Craig Wellington

When Janne Mooney and friends set up an art group there were a number of things decided: One, champagne is mandatory; two, all levels of participant would be welcome, from the most experienced to the least; and three, aspiring to an ever increasing quality of work would be part of the fun and experience.

Janne says, 'It is all about good food, good wine, good company, good friends, good music; art has bought us together. We are just people who want to paint and get together to do so. We all create different original pieces with no formal tutoring, but all just helping each other with ideas.'

The Members of the quirky, fun loving creative group are Janne, Mooney, Kay Carney, Helen Spaulding, Susan Kenny and Ruth Turnbull. That's the regular group, but as Janne says, 'Randoms are welcome!'

'We like to share ideas, techniques and company. We love it. There is no pressure on anyone at all, it is all about the wellbeing of the group, learning off each other, sharing of resources. It really is the best group therapy.'

Developing artistic experience and creativity in such a group can be transformative or life changing for some. There are benefits which have been identified globally from participation in activities which explore imagination and creativity.

The group meet every Wednesday and rotate around each other's places in the Seven Mile Beach area, although they do go on expeditions as well. 'Sometimes we go to MONA and don't paint, just imbibe,' Janne says, 'And we go to different galleries. Sharing information is part of the fun.'

If this sounds like the group for you, the ladies are certain to make you welcome.

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