Artwork Studio Workshops for 2019

Just a reminder to register for these up and coming workshops as numbers are limited.

These workshops are designed for anyone - beginner or some knowledge.

These first few are being held on Saturdays - to fit in with those of you who work regular weekdays. However if there is a workshop that you are interested in and can't make it to the weekend workshop - let us know and we may be able to get others to join you.

Repurposing Old Books and Creating New Journals

This year I've had loads of fun sourcing some amazing old publications that are suitable for repurposing. This is the new way to recycle or upcycle any old books that you may have had since your childhood or have found in op-shops and book sales. Take a look at the two new workshops - both very different - as one upcycles and one creates new.

It's such a fun thing to do - and so very creative.

Silk Dying Workshop

In this workshop we will be dying pure silk scarves with a range of dyes. I ran this workshop last year and my ladies took home 3 scarves each that they had dyed over the workshop.

If anyone is interested I would also like to run a Shibori Indigo dying workshop too.

Painting in a Day Workshop

In this workshop we'll be doing exactly what it says and create a 'Painting in a Day'.

We had so much fun last year and everyone was so happy to be taking home a lovely piece of art. This time we'll be using texture and full bodied paint to create our masterpieces - so if you enjoyed the last one - this one has some new techniques that you'll find great fun.

So c'mon- get you Picasso on and book your spot now!

Check out our workshops page for further information.

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